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Why can you trust us?

Dafi is a worldwide known brand of products such as water pitchers, filtering cartridges, sport filtering bottles and vacuum containers. We have been on the market for over 30 years. In this time we have been able to develop numerous, original and patented manufacturing solutions. Dafi’s newest development is a unique line of Alkaline UP pitchers and cartridges, which increases pH and negative ORP levels in tap water, bringing proper alkaline-acidic balance to your body.


Dafi uses only the highest quality raw materials from Germany. Carbon we use in our cartridges is obtained from specially selected coconut shells, which together with a ceramic, alkaline bed gives you healthy and tasty water. All of the departments responsible for the implementation of our products are concentrated in one factory. This ensures the best quality control, great contact with clients and a quick warranty service.

Certified product

In the interest of maintaining the highest quality of our products we regularly subject them to a wide range of exams and tests. The raw materials used do not contain harmful substances, including Bisphenol A. Our filter bottle has been tested by Hamilton Poland S.A., proving the high standards and safety of use by our customers, including their children. The test results can be viewed here