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Alkaline UP

Innovative Alkaline UP Classic Cartridge increases water pH level as well as, negative ORP potential.

For who?

Alkaline water perfectly neutralizes effects of high body acidity which is caused by modern western diet consisting of meat, bread and sparkling beverages. What is more, Alkaline UP has a unique and innovatory feature, which alkalizes tap water through a special ceramic bed. Additionally, cartridge removes chlorine taste and odor from tap water.

  • Cold drinks
  • Water Bottles



reduces the acidity of the body


maintain the proper pH in the body


slows the aging process

Drinking filtered water is a natural environmentally friendly solution, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste.


Efficiency guaranteed

The Alkaline Up filter includes:

activated carbon with properties confirmed by research, according to which the component removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as other substances that spoil the taste and the health benefits of tap water.

alkaline deposit – enriches tap water with valuable magnesium, negative ORP potential and raises the pH of the water.


You don't have to remember to replace the filter anymore!

Dafi will remind you about it. Scan the QR code - you will receive a reminder when the filter needs to be replaced again.