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Mineral Up

The Mineral Up Dafi filter purifies and enriches the tap water with magnesium ions. The average content of this element in the filtered water is approx. 30 mg/l.

For who?

The magnesium filter is designed for people who want to improve the quality of their tap water and make it ideal for drinking and cooking. The water filtered with the Mg+ filter is the best alternative to bottled water. The magnesium makes the water healthier and better tasting.

Don’t let anyone pull your leg

How to complement deficiency of magnesium?


By using a jug with a Dafi Mineral Up filter you will save:


No need to carry water from the store .


A liter of filtered water will cost just 0.04 Euro .


One filter delivers about 150 liters of water monthly, equivalent to 100 1,5 l plastic bottles.

Drinking filtered water is a natural environmentally friendly solution, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste.


Efficiency guaranteed

The Mineral Up filter includes:

activated carbon with properties confirmed by research, according to which the component removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as other substances that spoil the taste and health benefits of tap water.

magnesium Ion exchange resin which removes heavy metals and at the same time enriches tap water with valuable magnesium ions..


You don't have to remember to replace the filter anymore!

Dafi will remind you about it. Scan the QR code - you will receive a reminder when the filter needs to be replaced again.