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Dafi Bottle

Dafi Water Bottle with Filter (10 or 17 or 24) fl oz.

Water from Dafi, always with you!
The Dafi Water Bottle with Filter will enable you to save money and take care of the environment at the same time. The bottle is equipped with a unique carbon filter, which removes chlorine’s taste and odor from tap water. Exchangeable filter contains activated carbon from coconut shells.

Know the advantages of Dafi Bottle

A comfortable sport plug ensures tightness during activities.
Long-lasting, light and handy. Weighs only 33 g
1 filter is able to replace up to 300 half-liter bottles from stores.
Activated carbon water filter with laboratory-confirmed efficiency.
Reusable, for those who care about the environment.
Made from materials of the highest quality.

Enjoying active lifestyle?

Dafi Bottle was designed for people who appreciate the role of regular hydration of organism, practice sports and healthy lifestyle.
Thanks to its small size and ergonomic design you can always carry it with yourself and not worry about the quality of tap water. Dafi Bottle is completely BPA-free and approved for contact with water. One exchangeable filter replaces 300 17 fl oz. PET bottles and saves about 58 lbs. of plastic waste annually.

Look how simple it is!

1 Fill the bottle with tap water
2 Place the cartridge in the bottle
3 Enjoy your healthy water wherever you are!

You don't have to remember to replace the filter anymore!

Dafi will remind you about it. Scan the QR code - you will receive a reminder when the filter needs to be replaced again.