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Atri 2,4 L

light and handy

Filter Jug dedicated to people who mainly use water for preparing a beverage or drink pure unboiled water. This product is perfect for those who rarely cook. It fits in the door of most refrigerator.

Discover jug functions

Filling without removing the cover. Closed infusion, which opens with slider. It protects against dirt, including dust. Manual indicator is located under slider.
Precise rounding provides easy flow of water from a jug.
A properly designed ergonomic shape of the handle for easy carrying jug and stable grip.
Manual indicator, You need to set date of first-time filter use. After 30 days, filter needs to be changed.
Anti-slip base ensures stability of jug on any countertop surface.
Tap water funnel made of high quality transparent plastic to keep track of the filling level.

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You don't have to remember to replace the filter anymore!

Dafi will remind you about it. Scan the QR code - you will receive a reminder when the filter needs to be replaced again.