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Flow Comfort D1

When planning to finish or renovate your dreamed home, you usually see beautiful interiors decorated in your favorite style in your imagination. However, apart from the visual side, making a reality of a calming oasis is very important . Then, in such a place you can really relax and rest.
The feeling of comfort will be ensured by the use of modern solutions, such as the Flow Comfort tap water filtering system. By choosing the Flow Comfort system, you get quick and unlimited access to tasty, filtered water straight from the tap. You get water that is perfect for cooking and drinking without boiling it. In addition, you protect kitchen appliances from limescale. The Flow Comfort filter system is characterized by easy operation, compact design and perfect optimization of tap water by reducing its hardness and improving its taste and smell. The system is non-invasive. It can be self-installed and it is easy.
Flow Comfort is certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene and is tested by internal and external laboratories. The quality of the product is evidenced by solutions protected by patents.

Discover filter HEAD

SPACE-SAVING THANKS TO SMALL DIMENSIONS The head holder has two mounting options [straight and sideways], which enables filter installation under the sink.
PROTECTION AGAINST WATER FLOODING The system closes the water flow after removing the filter cartridge.
SMOOTH AND INTUITIVE WATER HARDNESS REDUCTION LEVEL The patented mechanism allows you to easily adjust the degree of water softening.
EASY ASSEMBLY The Flow Comfort system can be installed by yourself using the instructions included in the package.
CONVENIENT AND EASY FILTER REPLACEMENT No tools required and no worries about damaging the installation.
EASY ACCESS The venting and filter replacement lock buttons are located on the front of the device
PATENTED SOLUTION It enables simple assembly and disassembly of the filter cartridge.

Available filter change indicators

LED - A diode indicating the state of filter wear
Sound signaling the state of filter wear
A diode signaling water hardness leve
HARD - Button for setting the level of water hardness reduction A, B, C, D
CHECK/RESET - Button for resetting and checking the current state of filter wear
SIZE - Button for setting the type of filter
A diode indicating the type of filter cartridge

dedicated to Dafi filtered water tap:
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Wide range of available 3-WAY FAUCETS

FIltry D1
FIltry D1
FIltry D1
FIltry D1


Simple installation and intuitive connection of the Flow Comfort filtering system make it possible to install it on your own with means of the manual. Connecting the unit to the water system does not require modifications or additional elements. Replacing the filter cartridge and adjusting the carbonate hardness reduction is intuitive and does not require the use of tools

Examples of connecting the Dafi filtered water faucets

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Example 2

Examples of connecting three-way faucets

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