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Dafi Pitchers

Essential in Your kitchen

designed to obtain 40 to 50 gallons of tasty and healthy water. Ideal for drinking, boiling, and cooking. More

Alkaline UP Cartridge

designed to meet your dietary needs

Alkaline UP cartridges thanks to their unique and innovatory feature increases pH level and negative ORP potential of tap waterMore

Dafi Bottle

Tasty and healthy water to take anywhere

Removes from tap water unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine. A removable filter replaces up to 300 17 oz. PET bottles. Designed for people who appreciate the role of regular hydration, play sports and live a healthy lifestyle. More

Standard Cartridge


Designed for softening of tap water without demineralization. Reduces potential impurities and chlorine. More

Vacuum containers

extended food storage

Designed to protect your food from loss of freshness and drying. Extend the expiration date by even 5 times.  Also help to keep your fridge odourless. More

Dafi cartridges provide many benefits

Reduces plastic bottle wastes and filters approx. 30-40 gal. of water per month.
Removes unwanted substances such as chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and organic pollutants from the water
Quenches your thirst, brews tea, coffee and prepares meals for the whole family.

The jug fits most refrigerator doors and it is dishwasher safe (without the lid).

Softens the water and allows you to forget about the build up of scale inside the kettle, coffee maker and iron.
A litre of pure water costs 3 cents saving up to 300 USD annually.

Filtered water is ideal for

Children's meals
Cold drinks
Tea and coffee
Water bottles
Animal watering

One Dafi filter provides up to 200 litres of healthy water per month

Check how much you can save with Dafi water filtration solutions!
$ 19
1 cartridge
0.35 oz. of BPA free plastic
$ 200
150 of 50 fl oz. bottles
5.3 lbs. of BPA free plastic

Dafi Water Pitcher features

Easy filling lid
Tap water container
Filter space
Water container for filtered water
Filter exchange indicator
Ergonomic handle
Anti-slip pad on the base of the jug

Innovative AlkalineUP Classic Cartridge

Dafi AlkalineUp filters enriches tap water
with valuable magnesium.
The composition of the AlkalineUp filters is based on raw materials such as:
  • alkaline deposit
    which raises the pH
    of the water

  • activated carbon
    which reduces chlorine
    and organic compounds